GSoC First Post

Mukul Mishra bio photo By Mukul Mishra


I think I am bit late to write this post, but here I am. This is the first post in the series of my Google Summer of Code 2017 experience.

This summer is going to be fun, because I got selected for Google Summer of Code with Mozilla as mentoring organisation. During this period, i will be working on one of the core projects of Mozilla Labs PDF.js. My project is to use Streams API in PDF.js networking and rendering task, to make it more efficient in terms of speed and memory.

I already had some chat about the project with my mentor(Yury Delendik), and we both are preety exicted to see our project in action. It is already been half a month since i officially started working, and it is good to say that we are going on a decent pace.

When I was exploring Streams API, I found an excellent blog post. This post contains almost everything needs to learn to understand Streams API, with great working examples.

I will publish more post regarding my project’s update in future. So stay tuned!!!!

"Streams API in PDF.js" in GSoC-2017